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Professional Web Designing India

Let us offer you an exceptional, professional Website Designing India that greatly contributes to your success. A web design company claims to offer professional web design services for their clients. Should they be promoting “web design services” rather than “professional web design services”? WDS offer's professional web design services and follows these steps for this.

Multi-stage web design process :

Step1: Conceptualization and planning (flowcharts)
The process should begin on a piece of paper or within flowchart software. According to Wikipedia ( planning out your website using a flowchart, you get a head start on:

  • Information organization
  • Usability
  • Determining the volume of content required

Step2: Modeling (wireframes)
In the modeling stage, static “wireframe” mockups are created for each unique web page. To create wireframes, one may use either:

  • Paper and pencil
  • Mockup software such as Adobe Photoshop or our personal choice, OmniGraffle Professional

Step3: Execution
The third stage in our professional web design process includes:

  • Creating the graphical user interface (GUI), also known as the design
  • Creating the content
  • Converting the web designs from images into code (markup) which web browsers use to present your website on the Internet

Project collaboration tools (if project has more than one person involved) :

Communication is one of the most important elements in a project. When multiple people are building a website, there usually are quite a few e-mails sent back and forth between one another. The more e-mails exchanged, the longer it can take to find a certain e-mail and the easier it can be to misplace important bits of information. This was one of the biggest problems that our professional web design company faced when we first began – there wasn’t an easy way to organize the e-mails, attachments, milestones, etc.

High-quality design :

Balance. Balance refers to the equal distribution of the heavy and the light elements on a single page. Unity. Unity keeps all of the similar elements in the website alike and those that are diverse further apart; everything should be pulled into one integrated whole. Emphasis. Emphasis involves the main points where the eye is drawn into the design; also known as “focal points”. Contrast. Not just color contrast, but also contrasting shapes, sizes, textures, and even typography. Rhythm. Also known as repetition, rhythm brings internal consistency into your web design.

  • Attention to detail.
  • When professionally designing a website, every little detail is thought out and planned.
  • Attention to detail is important because it is oftentimes the details in your design which make your website stand out from the competition (or from other websites in general).<>

Well written, interesting, grammatically-correct content :

One thing that greatly compromises the quality and credibility of a website is poorly written, grammatically incorrect, misspelled content. This kind of content is unfortunately present in an extremely high number of websites – especially “professional” company websites.

Usability :

Website usability is extremely important. If website usability is poor, then people can easily become frustrated and leave your website.

XHTML and CSS validation (clean code) :

Some people will argue that validating your website with XHTML and CSS validation from is a waste of time. To be blunt, they are wrong (for a number of reasons).
Cross browser compatibility
You look more professional with a valid website

Standards-compliant :

Creating a standards-compliant website will take a good deal of time and can even involve using basic hacks in order for certain elements to appear the same across all major browsers. Major browsers include: Internet Explorer 6 (IE6 -PC), Internet Explorer 7 (IE7 – PC), Firefox (PC and Mac), Safari (PC and Mac), and Opera (PC and Mac).

Optimization :

  • Website optimization includes:
  • Image optimization
  • Audio/Video optimization
  • Clean code (just say no to tables).
  • Validate your XHTML and CSS

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly :

Professionally designed websites should be designed with a solid SEO friendly foundation. To make your website SEO friendly:

  • Images: ALT tags, no text in images.
  • Researched Keywords in Anchor Text
  • CSS Navigation/CSS Style sheets
  • Researched Keywords in URL
  • Researched Keywords in Title of web pages
  • Keyword Research
  • Don’t use Frames
  • Don’t use Flash

Abuse of Flash, JavaScript, and sound effects :

The last step in creating a professional web design and website is to avoid the abuse of Flash, JavaScript, and sound effects. Not everyone has Flash or JavaScript enabled on their computer, and therefore your website should not be built around them.